FoundationCurriculum - Instructions

To Show God's Children his Love!

Lets Begin!

  1. You are ready to begin by reading aloud the first interactive Story Book Lesson to the child/ren showing the pictures and listening to answers.
  2. After reading, guide the child/ren to complete your pre-selected Follow up Activity.
  3. Assess the understanding of each child based on:
    1. The content of their answers to the questions in the story
    2. The Follow up Activities.

Follow Up Activities!

  1. Throughout the week/s that you choose to remain on the same story, reread, discuss, and encourage the child to retell the story (at least three to six times for the purpose of sowing God's love into the child's heart).
  2. If curriculum is taught in a setting away from home (i.e. a school or church): Download and send home a copy of the "Text Only" Story Book Lesson, Parent Letter and Follow-Up Activities for parents to reinforce the teaching with their child at home. Discuss progress with parents and update the Student Progress Record.
  3. When you determine that the child/ren understands all of the foundational objectives for the lesson you are teaching, begin the next Story Book Lesson.

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