About P.A.C.E.

Linda D. Washington
Author/ Owner

It has always been a dream of mine to teach children, and show them God's true light"

About P.A.C.E.

P.A.C.E. was organized in 2014 by Linda D Washington. P.A.C.E. is a company dedicated to equipping Teachers. Parents and all those who support the spiritual growth of children with the truth based on God’s word from the Holy Bible. We, at P.A.C.E. have purposed, with passion, to provide easy-to-understand educational resources that empower every child to know how to fulfill their God-given purpose through personal relationship with God as their heavenly Father, Jesus as their Lord, Savior and King, and Holy Spirit as their Helper and Guide.

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Thank you so much for providing Christian Material to help the people in the Congo with the word of God. The material is very easy to follow and to understand. In 2013 I had the privilege to translate Christian material written by Linda Washington into Swahili that has changed the lives of many people in the Congo. The material has had a huge impact on the children and has helped them grow in their faith with the Lord We use this curriculum in our programs because the teachings are so easy to follow. The children are able to easily understand the love of God and his creation story. Initially when we spoke to the children about how God was their heavenly father, they were a little afraid. They had not had positive experiences when it came to father figures and so were wary of the comparison. However, after teaching the children about what a father should be like and that God is a far better father than anyone could ever imagine their hope was restored. The word of God that is in the curriculum helps to give back confidence and hope where there seems to be no hope. Thank you very much Linda Washington for creating material for these often forgotten children! - Julie Mapatano
I had inquired with Andrew Wommack ministries of a good place to purchase children's books with sound teaching & they referred me to you.  May the Lord bless your ministry!!   I am looking forward to using this material when it gets here, I have started a "Back Yard" Sunday School on Sunday afternoons for several children who don't go to church (the parents are weak believers, & have lost hope in the "churches"  around them).  Pray with me that not only will the children feel the love of God, but through them, the parents will too!!  Thank you, again. - Elaine Staines