Helping Children know God's Love!  

The Foundation Curriculum Stories and Activities Manual show God's Love in (Book 1) CREATION, through (Book 2) THE FALL OF MAN and the choice that Adam and Eve made that required mankind to need a Savior, Jesus Christ.  In the story of (Book3) JESUS, children are given the choice to believe Jesus, receive Holy Spirit and become Father's child. Story books 4, 5 and 6 entitled FORGIVE, YOUR POWER IN JESUS and THE KINGDOM OF GOD show how to live victoriously in our heavenly Father's Kingdom.   

Foundation Curriculum


  • Six (6) easy-to-read Story Book Lessons.

  • (1) Activities Manual

The Activities Manual is filled with Follow-up Activities, Songs For You to Sing With Children, Parent Letters, home activities, Student Progress Records with objectives for each book, Scripture References that support each story and much more. 

You can download 6 Free PDF sample Follow-Up Activities from our Activities Manual BELOW.