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Recommended Ages 3 - 7 years old

This delightful and fun story and game shows how Edgar G. Frog gets stranded in the middle of a Lake of Colors.  It is not until he remembers to PRAY to heavenly Father that Edgar G Frog begins his adventure across the lake.  The objective is for children to hear the story, pray, name colors, and help Edgar G Frog cross the Lake of Colors. 


Located at the back of the book are cut-out pages of a Game Board, Cards, Playing Pieces, and Instructions to play the LAKE OF COLORS Game.

The story & game can help strengthen skills and understanding in How To:

  • Pray to Heavenly Father
  • Speak & Memorize Scripture
  • Follow Directions
  • Develop Language
  • Identify Body Parts
  • Eye Hand Coordination
  • Comprehensive Listening
  • Recognize and Match Colors, and more

Pray & Learn Colors with Edgar G Frog

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